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Founded in 1998, Brainbench Inc. was later acquired by the renowned online job provider Previsor. Brainbench is a leading professional skills testing provider and has a brilliant track record of serving over 5,000 corporate and 6 million individual customers, worldwide. Brainbench client base is huge and diversified; and includes Fortune 500 companies, various U.S. Government agencies, and several universities and colleges.

Brainbench is committed to assist organizations and individuals to find out the “right person for the right job”. Brainbench innovative certification programs and user-friendly skill testing and assessment Brainbench products are just the “right” tools to improve recruitment processes and to boost training programs so that companies can earn more rewarding employees, enhance customer satisfaction and finally ensure long-term profitability.

Brainbench is the “largest”, one-of-its-kind assessment company with an ensemble of high-end and technologically sophisticated assessment Brainbench products that help in screening and selecting candidates, tracking and developing employee skills and further planning, evaluating and optimizing human resources. The Brainbench online assessment programs are well-integrated and comprehensive, taking into account various areas like personality, knowledge, skills and aptitudes and past work behavior. They are also designed to cater various job types such as IT, administration, BPOs and call center, finance, health, and more. Thus, Brainbench’s online resources provide a complete solution for employee development.