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Since its inception in 1995, Classmates Online, Inc. has become the hottest web hangout, with more than 50 million users across the United States and Canada. Headquartered at Renton in WA, this No. 1 social networking site, with big-name partners such as Klassträffen Sweden AB (Sweden), StayFriends GmbH (Germany) and Trombi (France), connects members with friends and acquaintances from schools, Colleges, workplaces and even from military.

Trying to explore its commercial potential, classmates has unveiled exclusive advertising strategy that that lets advertisers to reach out to consumers successfully. The company's online loyalty marketing service, MyPoints is a targeted Marketing system that enables consumers to earn points-based rewards by responding to email offers, completing online surveys, shopping online and engaging in other online activities. Rewards points are redeemable in the form of third-party gift cards and other benefits from over 60 merchants, including retailers, Theaters, restaurants, airlines and hotels. To date, MyPoints hosts more than 8.8 million registered members, including 6.6 million email respondents.

Visit classmates webpage to view press coverage, media news, careers with the company and more. It also showcases business development service that makes it easier for businesses to advertise on the site. Classmates Media Corporation is attempting to harness the power of large database of its registered communities or visitors as well as users’ demographics and online behaviors and personal interests – who they are, what they like, what they think and how they interact- to promote brands and develop businesses. The Classmates Company is also trying to boost its advertising revenue in a consistent manner and prove its worth to investors as well.

Classmates’ most valuable asset is its ‘energetic and active Community of members who recognize the value of building and maintaining connections’. The success depends on three core rules- “Courtesy, Conduct and Contribution”. Members are requested to share respectful information, send messages and post content only to facilitate communication with old friends, find like-minded individuals and spread the message of harmony and friendship in socially desirable ways. Classmates offers many ways to contribute: Profiles and Biographies, Classmates Email, Message Boards, and more. Learn more about terms of service and guidelines from the Classmates’ member care department or Help centre.

Signing up is very simple. You can post profile for free and also can opt for a paid membership. Classmates offers interesting features like the alumni listings, Reunion Center, Celebrity Yearbooks section, and the Message Boards. Members may also post photographs, announcements, biographies, read community message boards and be informed of upcoming reunions. Gold members, who pay a fee, can also initiate sending email to any member, use website tools for planning reunions and events, and form private groups and use My Network to communicate with friends.

Classmates community is a cost-effective destination to get reconnected with long –forgotten friends. Find old school friends through Classmates. Reminisce the golden years of graduation with your college friends or share favorite memories of your previous work-place. Let the world know about you and your recent updates.