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New Line Cinema is one of the main American film studios. It was founded in 1967. Although it initially started as an autonomous film studio, currently New Line Cinema is a contributory of Time Warner. The Current co-CEO and co-chairmen are Michael Lynne and Robert Shaye. New Line Cinema runs many division including home video, marketing, theatrical distribution, and a unit specialization in independent film known as Picture house (previously known as Fine Line Features) with contributor Time Warner.

Unlike other independent film studios like Orion Picture, Cannon Films, or Carolco Picture, this studio has grown and flourished to become one of the main film studios of the Hollywood, culminating in the hit film “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy that carried prestige for the studio. Earlier, the studio was accountable for the alternative classic the Austin Powers film trilogy, Dark City, the Nightmare on Elm Street series, the vision Pleasantville, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the films of John Waters.

In 1994, Turner Broadcasting System of Ted Turner acquired the New Line Cinema that then combined with Time Warner in 1996. Though fellow Turner owned film studios Castle Rock Entertainment and Hanna Barbara Productions ultimately become absorbed in Warner Bros, New Line Cinema was reserved as its individual entity.

In 2007, Castle Rock Entertainment and New Line Cinema collaborated into Fracture, their initial joint organization since mid 1990s before both studios were purchased by Turner. Also in 2007 the studio supposed that The Golden Compass (a Nicole Kidman fantasy film), would become it most recent franchise. On the other hand, the film adjustment of the first part of the movie The Golden Compass, His Dark Material trilogy, U.S. revenues has been dissatisfaction in the relation to large budget of the movie because this movie was flop.

Outside the United States of America, New Line Cinema doesn’t distribute its films. Somewhat, it agreements other film studios like Entertainment Film Distributors in the United Kingdom, Warner Bros. in German Speaking Areas, Poland, Singapore and the Village Road show Pictures, Czech Republic in New Zealand and Australia, Playarte in Brazil and Alliance Atlantis in Canada to distribute its movies out of the country.

For many years, video releases of studio were dispersed in the United States of America by RCA. On 5th October, 2007, New Line Cinema celebrated its fortieth Anniversary at the same attribute. New Line Cinema is one of the most successful cinemas of United States of America. It is entertaining the people from last 40 years.