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UnionTelecard is the official website of UnionTelecard Alliance, the largest distributor of quality phone cards in the US. UnionTelecard Alliance has started its operation in 1998 as the distribution house of IDT Telecom and later in 2003; it expanded its business by launching a new website where the company displays over 200 types of prepaid phone cards including domestic calling cards, international calling cards and also international phone cards. At Uniontelecom, you get Phone Cards and calling cards for all regions in the US as well as for different states and countries across the globe. Union Telecom phone cards can be used to call UK, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela Germany, South Korea, China, Nigeria, South Africa, Israel, Mongolia, Russia, Thailand, India and other parts of the world. Get connected to a friend or family member or your business associates instantly! UnionTelecard online services do the needful on your behalf and that too, in a practical and economical way.

UnionTelecard wireless services are rated high when compared to the fellow service providers. Choose from their whole gamut of prepaid calling cards and phone cards that offer easy-to-use features, high quality and of course, lower rates. Buy Online UnionTelecard Alliance Coupon Codes, Discount UnionTelecard Online Coupons, UnionTelecard Online Wireless Promotional Codes, UnionTelecard retail coupons and other coupons. All prepaid phone cards and calling cards come with various innovative and technically upgraded features that include easy recharge, auto recharge, pin-less dialing, speed dialing and much more. You can keep your PIN number same, access more than one number with the same PIN, review call details and keep records of conversation time and call costs. No manual recharging! You can avail all services Online or even when you are on roaming. Also, on offer are discounts and promotional offers and frequent buying points program for users who purchase products worth a pre-determined amount. They provide you both local access and toll-free access for all cards. Moreover, for many cards, you don’t have to pay extra money for connection charges or against maintenance fees.

UnionTelecard online/wireless operator also offers round-the-clock customer services which are adorned with a variety of customer benefits options. Contact them over phone or via email and live chat. UnionTelecard’s phone cards and calling cards coupled with the industry-best wireless services, give you the ultimate pleasure to remain connected anywhere and anytime!